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US places Eritrea under fresh sanctions for military deal with North Korea
Washington imposed sanctions on the Eritrean navy after Asmara was found to have purchased military equipment from the North Korean regime – and not for the first time.Eritrea’s dealings were revealed in a UN Security Council Sanctions Committee report dated 17 February 2017.

The Imperative to Institutionalize Government-Public Dialogue in Tigrai
Tsegai Berhane (PhD) April 1, 2017 - From the Tigrai Regional State’s recent declarations and statements given on different occasions and especially from the very encouraging, novel, and bold face-to-face discussions with different sectors of the population in different zones and weredas in the Region; one could infer that our Regional State is committed to deep transformation

Tanzania plans to import 400 MW of electricity from Ethiopia
DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzania plans to import 400 megawatts (MW) of electricity from Ethiopia to power its industrial drive, Tanzanian President John Magufuli said on Friday.

Ethiopia: The Light Revolution- EBC Documentary!
Death is certain and PM Meles has died. But the vision and ideas of Meles lives on thus why the saying of "mot ni mot's bikibri" (to die doing the right thing)is always a cherished goal to many. The vision is becoming a reality. Glory to all who laboured day in and day out to realize such development in the electrification front! [Aigaforum March 31,2017]

Journey to an Ethiopian volcano located in one of the hottest places on Earth
With high-altitude mountain biking, running trails and underground caverns, Ethiopia is aiming to highlight its natural attractions to target Millennial adventurers. Solomon Tadesse, CEO of the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO), spoke about the destination’s evolution...

ያቺ ድንጋይ ለኔ!
ፍስሀ ገመዳ ከአዲስ አበባ 04-01-17

Journey to an Ethiopian volcano located in one of the hottest places on Earth
We stumbled along in the darkness, the path a lighter gray amid the deep charcoal of the dried lava fields surrounding us. Up ahead was our goal, the dull, angry, red glow our own personal Mount Doom just over the ridge. We were in the Danakil Depression, in Ethiopia, which has been called one of the hottest places on Earth.

Ethiopia: Can the Landlocked Power Restore Its Former Glory?
Among its African contemporaries, Ethiopia stands out as one of the few countries that has existed in essentially the same form since antiquity, albeit under different names. Its geographic position at the heart of the Horn of Africa has made it a crossroads for trade, helping it to maintain ... [The government is not a minority government at all! The current government is made up of four major parties(EPRDF) and it is supported by many smaller parties from the remaining regions!

የምስራች ለዓባይ ልጆች!
ሰለሞን ሽፈራው 03-31-17

Trump Eases Combat Rules in Somalia Intended to Protect Civilians
WASHINGTON — President Trump has relaxed some of the rules for preventing civilian casualties when the American military carries out counterterrorism strikes in Somalia, laying the groundwork for an escalating campaign against Islamist militants in the Horn of Africa.
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Ethiopia extends State of Emergency for additional four months
Addis Ababa, March 30, 2017 (FBC) – The House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) has today decided to extend the nationwide State of Emergency for additional four months.The House unanimously voted to extend the State of Emergency after discussing on remarks presented by the State of Emergency Inquiry Board for its extension.

Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways to Revamp Codeshare Services
March 29, 2017 - Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways, both members of Star Alliance, have entered into an expanded codeshare agreement, inked on October 01, 2016 and projected to be effective as of 2017 summer season.

ኑሮን ማጣጣም ይዘዋል
አባ መላኩ 03-30-17

Botswana Safari: Your Wildest Dreams
The scenery and wildlife of the waterways in this oasis within the Kalahari are just incredible and something special to witness!Its ever-changing nature offers various experiences and the chance to see nature and wildlife from different perspectives – from land or from the water through an array of activities – game drives, bush walks, mokoro or boat trips. There are also many private concessions that offer exclusivity.

Health needs to be looked at as a rights issue, says front-runner for post of WHO chief
This May, the World Health Organisation will get a new director general, after Dr Maragaret Chan resigns from the post. Among the top three contenders for the post is Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is currently special advisor to the prime minister of Ethiopia.

FanaBC News from Shashemene
There is a post on social media(Facebook) about innocent people being jailed and harassed in Shashemene. We are asking authorities to check the social media post and compare with what the article above is telling us. If the truth is what Fanabc is telling us, those social media personalities who posted the demoralizing news should be ashamed!

Salvaging the Constitutional Order
Amen Teferi 03-28-17 - The ruling party has engaged itself in a “soul searching” venture that is operative to effect “deep renewal” and it has made the issue of good governance the vital component of this venture. EPRDF has found this “deep renewal” as imperative ...

Exploring Ethiopia’s Past and Future Through Body Painting
Aida Muluneh spent a peripatetic childhood in Yemen, England, Cyprus, Canada and the United States before settling in the States to study and become a photojournalist. She returned to Ethiopia, the land of her birth, about a decade ago, where her work addresses ...

Allow Democracy to Thrive
Amen Teferi 03-28-17 - To the amazement of many, for most part of the last two decades Ethiopia had remained peaceful and tranquil amidst the seemingly ever volatile region of the Horn of Africa. However, it has recently faced with the most serious political ...

Go to Ethiopia for Ancient History, Jazz, and a Capital City on the Rise
As a history nerd and seeker who has read my fair share of Peter Matthiessen, I’ve found my peak travel moments have tended to occur on the crowded ghats of Varanasi alongside bathing sadhus or among the daveners by Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall. There’s something about seeing ancient ritual enacted in the present

If you don’t have anything useful to say, then don’t say it at all!
W.Yilma 3/27/17 - In recent days, few but very sensitive and provocative articles are start posting on Aigaforum. I believe in free speech but free speech should take into consideration the level of societal consciousness ...

United Ethio-Tegaru International Call(ኣገዳሲ ፃውዒት)
UETW 03-27-17

Global cooperation vital in combating illegal migration
Molla Mitiku Ayenew 03-27-17 - Illegal immigration is a worldwide phenomenon that deserves a global response if countries determine to minimize if not to end it. Despite various opportunities ...

Ethiopia Seeks American Visitors
On the heels of being named one of Lonely Planet’s “Top Ten Countries to Visit” this year, Ethiopia has announced it is establishing a tourism marketing presence in North America.“Ethiopia is as exotic as countries come,” enthuses Lonely Planet...

Interview:Tsenat Radio with Dagmawit Moges from Addis Ababa City Government Communication Office
Solomon Tekalegn asked the official on the latest development about the Qoshe incident and why it happened and what the plan is going forward. Interview

ReEco-San International 03-25-17
  • Sustaining Egypt’s Strategic Water Security: The Myth and the Truth
    Ermias Hailu 22/03/2017
  • Doing Ones Best to Sustainably solve the current drought that has surfaced in our country
    Tsehaye Debalkew Washington D.C., March 23, 2017
  • Honorable congress man Chris draft resolution H.Res 861, a tool to encourage Egyptian and Shabia stooge Diaspora extremist groups
    W.Yilma 3/21/17
  • Ethiopian to Launch Cargo Services to Ahmedabad- Fifth Cargo Gateway to India
    March 22, 2017
  • Three new flights to three new destinations in just three days
    March 22, 2017
  • H.E. Dr. Workeneh Gebeyehu Attending the 5th Africa CEO Forum in Geneva, Switzerland
    Aigaforum March 27
  • Turning Nemesis to Promise
    Amen Teferi 03-21
  • Major state of emergency restrictions lifted
    Bereket  Gebru 03-21-17
  • We Must feel their Pain
    Amen Teferi 03-21-17
  • The pink to my blue
    Bereket Gebru 03-20-17
  • A reply to Ismail Mohammed Abdi’s article titled “Shedding Light On The Recent Violence In Border Areas Between Somali And Oromia Regions Of Ethiopia
    Abdulbasit Abdusemed 03-18-17
  • Explaining Economic Revolution in Oromia to Pseudo Oromo Activists
    Dr. Teshome Adugna1 03-17-17

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