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Djibouti says Eritrean soldiers occupy disputed area
Djibouti has lodged a formal complaint with the African Union after accusing soldiers from neighboring Eritrea of occupying a contested mountainous area after Qatari peacekeepers left the region this week, an official said.
There is a rumor Egypt is volunteering to replace the Qatar Forces as peace keeper. Ethiopia must be careful not to allow such forces stationed so close to its borders. To many Ethiopians, the presences of foreign forces in Assab has been problematic enough!

ሰው መሆን
ሰሎሞን ታከለ 06/17/2017

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Exclusive Interview with Azeb Mesfin, Chief Executive Officer of EFFORT
(Aigaforum) June 14, 2017 - In an exclusive interview with Aigaforum, Azeb Mesfin, CEO of EFFORT(Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigrai), shared the Successes and Challenges of EFFORT and her vision for the coming years.EFFORT was established in 1995 with an initial seed money from the TPLF. TPLF(Tigray Peoples Liberation Front) fought for 17 years to topple the then dictator government of Mengistu Hailemariam of Ethiopia. During the armed struggle years, TPLF as a resourceful and popular political organization waged a successful effort...


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