Meskel in Adigrat 2017 Reportage
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Tsenat with Ato Alaminew Mekonnen ANDM and EPRDF Executive Member -Sep 2017
Sep 29, 2017 - Ato Alaminew said the organizational conference was very successful. He said the conference enabled the organization to asses the ongoing deep tehadeso movement. Ato Alaminew succinctly summarized the main theme of the conference:success and challenges the organization and the regional government faced over the past year!

Ethiopia signs $1.3 bln loan and grant agreement with World Bankk
ADDIS ABABA, Sept 29 (Reuters) - The World Bank on Friday on Friday signed a $1.3 billion loan and grant agreement with Ethiopia to improve governance and fund an anti-poverty package that provides financial relief for people facing food shortages. The bank said a loan of $700 million would be used to "improve equitable access to basic services...

REST's 3-R Approach to Natural Resource Management
September 2017 - Relief Society of Tigray (REST) is operating a USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP)-funded Development Food Security Activity as part of the Ethiopian government’s Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP).1 One priority of the REST PSNP activities is rehabilitating and recharging the natural resources of Tigray, Ethiopia

From the "Future of the Past" to the "Shadow of the Future": Peace building from Below by Reorienting the Ethiopian-Eritrean Path
Gezaey Desta, Department of Political Science and Strategic Studies, Mekelle University September 2017, Ethiopia

Ethiopian Goes Fully Digital
September 29, 2017 - Flying even more greener; Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest airline in Africa, is pleased to announce that it has fully digitalized all its business processes like aircraft maintenance and Flight Operations, Commercial Operations...

Industrial Parks – a century of route to industrialization
Bereket Gebru 09-29-17 - Industrial parks have been around for a hundred years. In a 1999 article entitled "industrial parks: principles and practice," Caj O. Falcke (Ph.D.) stated that the concept of industrial parks emerged in the industrialized countries some one hundred years ago, primarily as a means to promote ...

በታሪክ እስረኛው መዳፍ ውስጥ
መልካም ነኝ ከአዲስ አበባ 9-29-17

The genesis of self-administration in Ethiopia
Bereket Gebru 09-29-17 - As it is true for Africa and the rest of the world, members of an ethnic group tend to reside on a certain enclave of their national territory. Despite the fact that people migrate from location to another quite easily in the interconnected world...

የብአዴን ከፍተኛና መካከለኛ አመራሮች ድርጅታዊ ኮንፈረንስ ተጠናቀቀ(ANDM Top and Middle Leadership Conference Concluded)
ANDM and TPLF must know there is a heavy burden on their shoulder to save EPRDF and the country. It will be a betrayal of the martyrs if these two organization continue business as usual without a deep reform within their own organization! Last year's mayhem can not be the works of an outsider alone. Enablers from within must be held accountable!

Stand in Defense of Our Constitution
Amen Teferi 09-28-17 - Here we do not want a kind of window dressing measures, but we rather need such scrupulously designed game plan that would satisfactorily address the scandal related with the border conflict. We should uphold the principle of legal liability and thus teach transgressors...

Education sector one of the strides in Ethiopian
Gemeda Tussa 09-28-17 - Ethiopia has different strides in the past two decades. One of these is the education sector where a significant change has taken place in all aspects. Primary education is critical to a nation’s development...

Realizing Ethiopia’s aspiration of grandeur
Fekadu Wubete 09-28-17 - Millions of Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia had celebrated Meskel recently to commemorate the discovery of the True Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified (by St. Helena, mother of Constantine the Great).

Ethiopian Airlines Adjudged CIMG Airline of the Year 2016
Ethiopian 09-28-17

Eritrean Refugees Celebrate Meskel in Adigrat - Sep 2017
(Aigaforum) Sep 27, 2017 -Tamrat Yemane interview with Eritrean Refugees in Tigrai Ethiopia. The refugees were invited to celebrate Meskel in Adigart Agame. Meskel is an Orthodox Christian holiday Celebrated among all Orthodox Christians in Eritrea and Ethiopia every year on Meskerem(September) 17. However, the mad man in Eritrea ... Reportage

IMF Staff Completes 2017 Article IV Visit to The Federal Republic of Ethiopia
Real gross domestic product is estimated to have increased by 9 percent in 2016/17.Prudent budget execution led to a lower-than-planned fiscal deficit, estimated at 2.5 percent of GDP.To complement the restrictive fiscal stance, monetary policy should also be tightened.An International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff team led by Mr. Julio Escolano visited Addis Ababa from September 13 to 26, 2017 to conduct the 2017 Article IV consultation discussions with Ethiopia.

አባይ የፖለቲካ ትኩሳት ማስቀየሻ
ወንድይራድ ኃብተየስ 09-27-17

Dr Tsegai G/gziher Fasi Hopspital Inauguration Reportage Tigrai Ethiopia - Sep 2017
(Aigaforum) Sep 25, 2017 - Gulomekeda is found in Eastern Zone Tigrai near the border with Eritrea. Because of the area proximity to Eritrea residents have been living ... Reportage

Land Grabbing Cases in Mekelle & Wukro
Haile Tessema, Sept. 24, 2017 - Residents of Mekelle and visitors to the regional capital would be familiar with two businesses in the service industry: Milano Hotel and Geza Gerlasse Restaurant, which are at close proximity from each other.

Ethiopia Says Somaliland Displaced Thousands of Oromo People
Ethiopia accused neighboring Somaliland of illegally displacing more than 3,000 long-term Oromo residents in the wake of clashes on the boundary between two of Ethiopia's regional states. The semi-autonomous northern territory of Somalia displaced the Oromos, who belong to Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group and are now sheltering in Ethiopia’s Oromia and Somali regional states, Information Minister Negeri Lencho told reporters...

መጠጥዒ ማዕከን ባህሊ
ብመምህር ኤልሳ 09-26-17

Ethiopian Celebrated Five Years of Successful Service to Toronto
Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest airline in Africa, marked five years of successful service to Toronto, Canada.Gracing the anniversary event, VP Marketing Ethiopian Airlines Group, Mrs. Rahel Assefa: said, “We are glad to mark Ethiopian five years of successful service to Toronto...
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Cultural Revival
Solomon Takele 09-24-17 -The annual 'Ashenda' festival has been celebrated colorfully in Mekelle town starting from 21 August and continuing until 24 th of August 2017. Now again the 'Masqal' holiday (Finding of the True Cross) is to be celebrated on 26 th & 27 th of September 2017. What makes this year's celebration of 'Masqal' different is the inauguration, by His Holiness Abune Mathias Patriarch of EOTC, of a new 52 m tall Cross constructed from steel structure and standing at the top of one of the highest mountain peaks...

Can 365 Years of Climate History Help Prevent Crises in East Africa?
For a long time, a majority of African countries have not been proactively mitigating the negative impact of drought and flood events. As a result, relief initiatives are often too late to stem the loss of lives and other social and economic impacts...
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Multi-century tree-ring precipitation record reveals increasingfrequency of extreme dry events in the upper Blue Nile Rivercatchment

Tsenat with Minister Kebede Chane -Sep 2017
Sep 22, 2017- Interview with Federal Minister Kebede Chane on current issues ranging from Somalia-Oromia regional conflict to Federalism in Ethiopia. Answering to questions raised by Artist Solomon Tekalegn the minister explained how the federal government is approaching the issues

Bereket Gebru 09-22-17
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