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Interview with DR Tedros Adhanom

Dr Tedros on his chances to win the WHO director position and the process left from here on until May 23, 2017!

Youth Bulge in Cities and Towns, its Remedies
Tsegaye Tegenu, (PhD) 2017-05-18 - Although still a majority rural country, Ethiopia has been rapidly urbanizing in the past few decades. The urban centers have increased both in size and number. In the 1960s there were about 384 towns with a total population of 1.5 million, Currently, the urban population has more than doubled reaching at 19 million.

FBI warned Rohrabacher that Russia was targeting him
In 2012, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher received a warning from the FBI that Russian spies were attempting to recruit him as an “agent of influence,” the New York Times reported Friday.Although the California Republican has long been among the Kremlin’s most outspoken defenders on Capitol Hill... [How does this congressman explain his infatuation with Putin government and his constant complaint about Ethiopia and its government? Strange!]

The EP Resolution on Ethiopia lacks understanding on important issues
On the 18th of May 2017, the European Parliament issued a resolution condemning Ethiopia. Though this resolution underlines the role of Ethiopia in stabilizing the region and the improvement of the economic situation of the population, it lacks some understanding....
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MOFA - Ethiopia believes its relation with EU is based on mutual benefits

Chinese New World Order
Amen Teferi 05-18-17 - When addressing a banquet held on Sunday in honor of foreign guests attending the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for renewing the Road spirit.

ይድረስ ለርዕዮት ዓለሙ ሀገረ አሜሪካ
ኩርኩራ ዋፎ ከለገጣፎ 05-18-17

Advocating Abstract Unity?
Eneyew Zeleke May 18, 2017 - During the Dergue era, it was a taboo to speak about issues concerning the country. It was out of the scope of ordinary citizens to speak about problems concerning the whole country.

EPRDF: Renascence Party
Amen Teferi 05-18-17 -In anticipation of the forthcoming 26th anniversary May 28 I tried to assess the path that has led us to where we are now. Now, we are in a situation that requires critical thinking and courageous spirit. In my view...

A glance at the construction sector
Bereket Gebru 05-17-17 - In developing economies, the construction sector is a great source and outcome of growth. With economic growth comes the construction of various infrastructural facilities including roads, power stations...

Saudi Arabia and Israel Will Be on Itinerary of Trump’s First Foreign Trip
WASHINGTON — When President Trump announced Thursday that he would visit the centers of three great religions on his first foreign trip, his advisers presented it as a sign that the United States planned to marshal a powerful coalition against the forces of intolerance.

ውሀ ለሰው፤ ለእንስሳት እና ለአትክልቶች ሂወት ነው፡፡ ለመንገድ ግን ማርከሻ መድሀኒት የሌለው መርዝ ወይም ካንሰር ነው፡፡
በፍስሀ ገመዳ 05-17-17 - ይድረስ ለክቡር አቶ ድሪባ ኩማ የአዲስ አበባ አስተዳደር ከንቲባ እና ሌሎች የሀገራችን ከተማ አስተዳደሮች!!

The role of the youth to sustain economic development
Bereket Gebru 05-17-17 - There is no need to present trail of analysis that the youth is the future of the nation. It is the natural law of societal development which necessitates the succession. The pivotal role played by the youth is also determined...

Health Insurance Coverage in Tigrai Conference Reportage
(Aigaforum) May 2017 - The government of Ethiopia is trying very hard to transform the society.Ethiopia is recognized for its success by international government and non government institutions. In fact one of the architect for the rapid primary health coverage, Dr Tedros, is currently the front runner to become WHO director! ... Reportage

Ethiopia aims at transforming speciality coffee market
Ethiopia to be a star performer in the African continent
Ethiopia the world’s fifth largest coffee producer and home of arabica, has overhauled the way it markets the commodity in a bid to increase export earnings and clamp down on a thriving domestic black market.

GE looks to develop renewable energy skills in Ethiopia
General Electric (GE) and the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to "frame an ongoing collaboration" with the aim of "enabling capacity development programs focused on renewable energy."

A Qualified Candidate for Head of the W.H.O.
Although not optimal, many countries report cholera to the World Health Organization as acute watery diarrhea, as Ethiopia has. This allows reporting and response without laboratory confirmation, but in no way indicates that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former health minister of Ethiopia, is any less qualified to become director general of the W.H.O.

Wolrd Leaders Testament on Dr Tedros Achievements

Dr Tedros is a very well known former Ethiopian government official. He has served as Health Minister  and Foreign Minister before becoming a candidate for WHO. The following are few quotes from two former presidents of the United States of America as well as a former  British high official... More

Mekelle May 15, 2017
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    Tadele Abraham May 2, 2017

  • Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.

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