Ethiopian Wins the First Cargo Transportation Award in China
Opposition Party Sees Opening as Ethiopian Government Vows Changes
ሰላማችንን ከሚያናጋ ድርጊት እንቆጥብ!
የኳታር የሹራ ካውንስል ከኢፌዲሪ የሕዝብ ተወካዮች ም/ቤት ጋር ተቀራርቦ ለመስራት ፍላጎት እንዳለው ገለጸ
E-Commerce penetration in Kenya ramping up travel
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ዕንቅፋት ወቒዑኒ
2018 FIFA World Cup trophy tour to arrive in Ethiopia
ኦ ሰላም!!!
Ethiopian News: Ethiopia Rising
Ethiopian Aviation Academy Ranked amongst the World's Top Aviation Training Centers
የጀኔራል መኮንኖች ብሄራዊ ተዋፅኦና የአሁኑ የፖለቲካ ጨዋታ
Ethiopia: U.S. Alumni Global Health Workshop Kicks off in Addis
ሕግ ተጥሶ የሚለቀቅ እስረኛ
OPDO Official Statement - Feb 06, 2018
ኢትዮጵያ በዓለም አቀፍ ተቋማት
Ethiopian Geothermal Is Private Equity’s Next $4-Billion Bet
Addis Ababa: 10 best things to do in Ethiopia's capital
Modern Conflict and Ethiopia
President Mulatu promotes defense army officers
Ethiopian, ASKY Sign Agreement for Strategic Partnership with Guinea Airlines
Expansion of Ethiopia's first industrial park reopens old wounds
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Ethiopia-Becoming Energy Hub

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Trans-African railway line hopes to boost regional trade

Tigrean Residents in DMV area speaks about Current political issues in Ethiopia

Few words but historical and true still- To believers, God have his plan to take back this intelligent and decisive man too early! To the rest, may be it was too good to be true to have such man! Ethiopia is missing a decisive and farsighted leader! Imagine what Meles would have done today!

Ethiopian Exhibition in Italy - Jan 2018
A promotional exhibition on Ethiopia's historical, natural and cultural tourism attractions and on Investment opportunities is taking place in Rome, Italy. The Exhibition will remain open to the public for one month.

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