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Statement on Joint Government of Ethiopia and Humanitarian Country Team Drought Campaign
On 11 April, 2016, Ethiopia Satellite Television (ESAT) released a news item claiming that the Ethiopian government had stopped the fundraising campaign by UN agencies. OCHA Ethiopia hereby states strongly that the story is false. OCHA did not speak to this media house and the government never told OCHA to stop the campaign.

A Call for a Public Transportation in Mekelle
On the morning of March 22, 2016, Mekelle was hit with a bajaj strike. A bajaj is a four seater (including driver), three wheel motor vehicle used as an alternative transportation

A false narrative to make us trust Isaias Afewerki

Egypt Informed Israel in Advance of Plan to Hand Over Red Sea Islands to Saudis
Jerusalem said it wouldn't object as long as Egypt's international commitments are honored. Egypt, Saudis promised they will honor treaty.

Embasneyti Residents Demand Woreda Status - April 2016
It has been some 25 years since the old Ethiopia is replaced by the new Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The federal arrangement was designed to solve the problems with the old central government model. However the new federal system has always been criticized for... &nbsp for more!

The temperature during the day hovers around 107 degrees Fahrenheit, even in early spring. It's dry, and sulfur and chlorine cloud the air, burning the lungs of people unfortunate enough to be close to the boiling hot springs

እሣት እና አበባ
ተፈሪ መኮንን 04-24-16

Professional suggestion to alleviate the water shortage problem of Mekelle city
Alema Tesfaye, Washington DC 04-27-16

Riek Machar returns to Juba
After a week-long delay First Vice-President Designate Riek Machar returned to Juba today (April 26). Dr. Riek Machar's arrival at the Capital of South Sudan is his first time since the conflict erupted on December 2013. He is expected to head immediately to the presidential palace to be sworn in as President Salva Kiir's deputy. Thank You Ambassador Seyoum. Thank your IGAD and thanks to all who worked hard to bring peace in South Sudan. This is good news to the region and it is good to see Ethiopia playing its role effectively!

የዳላስ ስብሰባ በስምምነት ተጠናቀቀ።
የአማራ ክልል የልማት ማህበር በሰሜን አሜሪካ የዳላስ ቻፕተር 04-26-16

ሕገ-መንግሥቱ የስኬቶቻችን መሰረት
ኃብተየስ ወንድራድ 04-26-16

Allegations of HRW versus public witness
Solomon Aynshet 04-26-16 - Human Rights Watch has been accusing Ethiopia for displacing citizens from their villages, as it began investing huge Sugar development Projects in various parts of the country.

Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael assured that Ethiopia will do everything possible to fulfill for the realization of the NCIP.
Kampala 04-26-16

Challenges and Prospects of Good Governance in Tigrai-Ethiopia
Maryihun Tsegay 04-26-16

Amhara State Regional Officials Conducted a Successful Meeting in Dallas/ Forth Worth
The Meeting was hosted by the Dallas Chapter of Amhara Development Association in North America. The Delegation Led by H.E + Tefera Derebw, Minister of Agriculture and Natural resources; executive member of FPRDF and ANDM...

Ethiopia and Russia will work on increasing bilateral trade — Ethiopian FM
MOSCOW, April 25. /TASS/. Ethiopia and Russia agreed to work more on boosting mutual investment and trade, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday after a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. FM Ghebreyesus noted that regular political dialogue is maintained between the two countries...

መቋጫ ያጣው የኦሎምፒያ መስቀል ፍላወር መንገድ
Reporter 04-24-16 - This project has seen many interruptions. One would think all issues were resolved when the project started in earnest. It is a major road and the city government needs to pay attention! We think the people have paid enough sacrifices!

Burundi general shot dead dropping child off at school
A security advisor to Burundi's vice-president has been shot dead while dropping off his daughter at school. General Athanase Kararuza and his wife died instantly, while their daughter was injured. No group has said it was behind the attack in the capital.

Understanding the Relationship Between Economic Growth and Food Insecurity in Ethiopia
Teshome Adugan 04-24-16 - Recently some scholars have tried to question the economic growth achieved in Ethiopia during the last twelve years because of food insecurity which was...

የራሷ እያረረባት…!!
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 04-25-16

Ban welcomes decision to accept proposal on Machar’s return
April 23, 2016 (JUBA) - The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki moon on Friday welcomed South Sudan’s decision to accept the compromise proposal on the arrangements for the return of the first vice president-designate, Riek Machar to the country

Summary Report of Good Governance Campaign from Tigrai Region - April 2016
Yared Tigrai Public Communication Office 04-23-16 (Report is in Amharic)

Massacre in Gambella, a result of immature secession in Africa
W.Yilma April, 23/2016 - First I would like to express my deepest condolence to the people of Gambella and in particular to those families who losses their loved one

Artist Bob Geldof receives Honorable Doctorate From Mekelle University April 2016
The re-known humanitarian, artist and friend of Ethiopia Sir Bob Geldof received Honorary Degree from Mekelle University in Ethiopia. Mekelle University
Success of Ethiopian-Somali Region
Ethiopian Somali region is a young autonomous government within the federal system. Facts don’t change Somali people of Ethiopia in the history have never been included in previous administrations. Since the overthrow of the DERG, and introduction of autonomy within the federal system of Ethiopia...
ሽሻይ ካብ ወልቃይት!!
ብፀጋይ ሓድሽ 04-23-16

Bereket Gebru 04-23-16
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    Mesle A 04-21-16
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    Wondaferash Alemu 04-20-16
  • Charities and Soceties Letter of Condolence Gambella Victims of Ethiopia - April 20, 2016

  • Eritrean regime has no one to blame but itself
    Hagos Abraha 04-20-16
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    Thursday l2'h May 2016
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    Mesle A. 04-19-16
  • Ethiopia's mushrooming sugar factories- a bird's eye view
    Abraham D. 04-19-16
  • Ethiopian education and research network inaugurated
    Addis Ababa, April 16, 2016 (FBC)
  • The Imperative of Stepping-up Ethiopian Diaspora's Contribution to Hedasė Dam (GERD)
    Makonnen Tesfaye 04-15-16
  • A Monthly Bulletin of the Ethiopian Embassy, Washington D.C.
    Ethiopian Embassy, Washington D.C. 04-14-16
  • Corruption and its multifaceted Forms
    Noah Mussie , April 12, 2016
  • A project that instilled 'Yes we can do' mentality on the public
    Taye Kebede 04-14-16
  • Our condolences to the people of Eritrea
    Bereket Gebru 04-14-16
  • Keeping the Nation Secure Amid Terror Threats
    Tsehay Adugna 04-13-16

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