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On Sunday, April 3, in the Shuq area of Asmara, Eritrean soldiers escorting convoys of conscripts opened fire on young recruits and civilians, killing and injuring an undisclosed number. [ Word is the conscripts were heading to Assab Area either as slave laborer or heading to Yemen as mercenaries...]
Regional integration important for development of landlocked African nations
Addis Ababa, 5 April 2016 (ECA) - Regional integration and cooperation is important for the development of landlocked developing countries through improved connectivity, enhanced competitiveness and trading capacity, market expansion and upgrading of value chains, says United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Mr. Gyan Chandra Acharya.

GERD at 5: Brighter future for Ethiopia and the region
Worku Adera 04-06-16 The nations, nationalities, and peoples of Ethiopia are celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam - GERD. The GERD is the largest hydropower dam...
የሴኩላሪዝም ድንጋጌዎች
ቶማስ ገብረማርያም 04-05-16

Renaissance Dam and its bonding impact on Ethio-Sudan ties
Fetsum Berhane 04-05-16 - The relationship between the two neighbors, Ethiopia and Sudan, is an ancient one. The two neighbors share a long border and history in which some of it was spent with glorious achievements while most of it was spent with mutual suspicion and sabotage.

EU: Supporting the Ethiopian people now, and over the long term
Ethiopia is being hit hard by one the most severe El Niño phenomenon on record. Numbers speak for themselves – in the past year, the number of food insecure people has increased from 2.9 million to over 10 million at present, write Neven Mimica and Christos Stylianides.

United Nations El Nino Conference in Rome
Aseffa Abreha 04-04-16 - A One-day Conference on El Nino Impacts and Priorities for Action was held at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Headquarters, Rome, Italy, on 17 March 2016. The main organizers were...

Hedase Dam at Five - April 2016.
(Aigaforum April 2016) - The Great Renaissance Dam also known as Hedase Dam is now Five years old and over 50% Complete. When done the Dam not only will change the economic fate of the country but...(Updated with Reportage)

Addis Zemen Editorial: The Need for awarding Government big infrastructure projects to Local Contractors. (Amharic)
[The Ethiopian economy is slowing down. It will continue to slow down more if the nascent construction industry is deprived government contracts for any reason. The win-win formula that will help in this case is to make sure foreign and local contractors are paired in any project. If there is any lesson Ethiopia can learn from western nations it is this: When the economy slows in many western nations, the first stimulus they trigger is to start big infrastructure works. The work is usually given to local contractors! Local contractors are that important!] See Also:&nbsp Original Print

Bonga: Brewing up in Ethiopia's epicenter of coffee
(CNN)Bonga is a name rarely encountered when visiting Ethiopia, if at all.But it deserves to be better known: it's said to be the very birthplace of Arabica coffee.Despite its caffeinated claim, the multi-billion dollar global industry that has grown up around coffee has passed Bonga by.

Somalia al-Shabab: US drone strike targets militant chief
The US military says it has targeted a vehicle carrying three al-Shabab militants in a drone strike in Somalia. A Pentagon spokesman named the main target as Hassan Ali Dhoore, accused of organising recent bomb attacks in which US personnel were killed.

Ethiopia heads to the sky with drones to fight insect-borne disease
Ethiopian officials are about to deploy a drone that will unleash a hellfire of flies upon select parts of the country. This concept isn’t some twisted attack, but instead, is a radical, life-saving plan for the country’s livestock.

ውይይቱ...!! - (ክፍል አንድ)
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 04-02-16

Rare account of public satisfaction in governance
Bereket Gebru 04-01-16 - It has been a hectic couple of weeks on the road for our group of three as we went through parts of Oromia, Amhara, Benshangul-Gumuz and Tigray. Covering a total of over three thousand kilometers, our journey...

Is Bill Gates Right About GMOs?
Another video released the same week as the Gates Wall Street Journal interview provides a very different perspective.The short film by the Center for Food Safety describes how the state of Hawaii,
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  • Hero lawmaker urges colleagues to stop saying ‘physical’ when they mean 'fiscal'
    Earlier this month by Rep. Tracy McCreery (D), who would really love it if her colleagues in the Missouri House of Representatives stopped saying "physical" when they totally mean 'fiscal'.. Bless his soul PM Meles chastised one of the parliamentarians, who was leading an opposition party, then on the same word...the MP did not like PM Meles correcting him and instead was furious he was corrected…I can’t recall who the guy was, it has been a while!

    Laws are not enough, we should all fight human trafficking
    Fetsum Berhane 03-31-16

    የሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ነገር
    ዘአማን በላይ 03-31-16

    Potato: agro-processing untapped potential
    G/haweria Berhane ISSD Tigray March 30, 2016 - The consultative workshop on potato value chain and agro processing facilitated by MU-ISSD program with the financial support of Interchurch for Development (ICCO) cooperation indicated that potato is a potential tuber for fast food

    The Nile is no more a bone of Contention but is a source of Co-operation !!
    Tsehaye Debalkew, March 29, 2016 - The longest river in the world, the Nile which is shared by many riparian States that necessitates its development with the objective of fairness and justice has been a victim colonialism..

    A project that has a place in the soul of Ethiopians
    Dawit Miteku 03-29-16 - Countries have an alienable right to utilize their natural resources in a way that would benefit their people. But, to use this natural resource there needs to be capability to do so.

    Neutrality needed when undertaking investigation
    Taye Kebede 03-29-16 - Human Rights Council (HRCO), a local NGO that operates within the field of human rights, has issued its report on March 5, 2016 labeled as '140th special report'.

    Must Listen testimony of an Eritrean- Where the Sun never rises...

    K. Eyob. 03-28-16
  • Open letter to United State of America Congress
    Kebede Yimam 03-28-16
  • Ethiopia's UNSC Bid Gaining Momentum
    Fetsum Berhane 03-25-16
  • Community Ownership: The secret of Ethiopia's health sector achievement

  • Muna Jamal 03-25-16
  • A week in the Horn, 25.03.2016
    MoFA 03-25-16 -
  • Addressing urban poverty a vital part of Ethiopia's development paradigm
    Fikrete Kebede 03-23-16
  • Ethiopian Government Condolence letter to Belgium Government and People
    March 23, 2016
  • Eritrean Maligned Policy!
    Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, March 23, 2016
  • Survival's Malicious Prosecution of Ethiopia Reached New Low
    Fetsum Berhane 03-23-16
  • Technical Team Supervises Seed Producer Cooperatives (SPC) Seed Storage Facilities
    G/Haweria Berhane-ISSD Tigray 03-22-16
  • Effort for economic integration
    Gemech Tussa 03-21-16
  • Deputy PM Demeke Official Visit to Russia

  • Eth Embassy Moscow
  • Euphemism for Corruption in Ethiopia

  • Desta Haileselassie Hagos March, 2016
  • Africa’s $700 Billion Problem Waiting to Happen

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