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While they brag, the Government keeps silent, but not still

The Tigray High Level Delegation's Visit to Maryland Environmental Services
(Washington DC) August 1, 2016 - The Tigray Regional Government delegation led by Ambassador Dr Addisalem Balema is on official tour to the USA. The delegation visited today the Maryland Environmental Service with a focus on partnership on water management systems and new technologies.

Beyond the EGRD!
Tesfaye Lema 08-02-16

Ethiopia protests: What's behind the trouble in Gondar?
Sunday's protest in Ethiopia involving thousands of people in Gondar, a city in Amhara region, is a rare example of an anti-government demonstration in the country.It was organised on social media but...[comment removed by request 08-01-16]

Indispensable role in regional anti-terrorism campaign
Gemech Tussa 08-02-16

ፅድቁን ቀርቶ በቅጡ በኮነነኝ
እውነቱ አሸናፊ ሞምባሳ, ኬንያ 8/2/16

A learning curve of Federalism and managing conflicts
Mesle A. 08-01-16 - Ethiopia is a land of diverse peoples with divergent interests. Carlo Conti-Rossini, an Italian historian, has reportedly said that Ethiopia is 'un museo di popoli', a museum of peoples. The demographic diversity is expressed in ...

አበበ ሃይለ 08-01-16

Gathering Momentum of IPs to Realize Industry-led Economy
Fekadu Wubete 08-01-16 - Nation had finalized the construction of Hawassa Industrial Park(IP) at a cost of 250 million USD and inaugurated it on July 13, 2016. The park has landed on 30,000 square meters and has housed 37 sheds. It is equipped with one-stop service centers ... to establish an IT Academy Training Program in Ethiopia
In April 2016, Amadou Daffe, the CEO and co-founder of C4A and a native of Senegal, travelled to Silicon Valley to find investors interested in scaling C4A into an aggressive, Pan-African startup. Only Hiruy Amanuel, a young investor and self-made entrepreneur of Ethiopian origin, stood out. Hiruy’s grandfather, Kenyasmach Yikunoamlak Desta, fought in the Italian invasion in 1935. He was a patriot who fought....

ባለብዙ ሕብሯ ጎንደር!
ዘፅአት- ከመቐለ 08-01-16

ጀግንነት ማለት ለእኔ ይህ ነው!
ወንድይራድ ኃብተየስ 08-01-16

Ethio-Telecom Plans Continental Expansion

Ethio-Telecom, the giant and sole telecom operator in pia, requested the government for a policy reform to expand in some parts of Eastern Africa.In an exclusive interview with The Reporter, Andualem Admassie, Chief Executive Officer of -Telecom elucidated his company’s aspiration to go out...

Comparing Clinton's Foreign Policy to Obama's and Trump's
On April 27, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered his first foreign policy speech of the campaign. In the statement, Trump promised to ensure “global peace,” rebuild the U.S. military, eliminate the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), and change Washington’s approach to NATO. His platform is as ambitious as...

Extermist sponsored Demonstration in Gondar concluded without incident
Thanks to the men and women from the security apparatus the demonstration designed and planned by extremists from diaspora concluded without incident in Gondar. There were many things smuggled along with the festival goers to promote and record the planned "bloodbath" that organizers were hoping for but the Gondar people have once more shown their true character by denying the extremists a chance to cause mayhem! As for the regional authorities and party officials "tizibit nuw terfu"(from our email folder, 07-31-16)

Introducing Ethiopia to all corners of the world
Bereket Gebru 07-29-16 - Along with the new Ethiopian tourism brand “Land of Origins,” the recent disclosure of over two and half billion USD revenues from the sector in the current Ethiopian year alone has drawn the sector to the spotlight of social attention in the past weeks.

Ali Mohammed 07-29-16

ሕሉፍ ምንፋቅ ዶ ሓደጋታት ምንፃር
ኣባዲ ኣባይ 07-29-16...Comment on L/G Tsadkan Article

Zelalem embracing U.S. pressure ahead of All-Star game
When Arsenal takes on the MLS All-Stars on Thursday, U.S. national team fans will get a glimpse of potential future star Gedion Zelalem. The 19-year-old U.S. youth international spent last season on loan at Rangers, where he made....

ሕቶይ አዝዩ ቀሊል 'ዩ
ዲ/ን ሙሉጌታ ወልድገብርኤል ጁላይ 28, 2016...commentary on why authorities keep blaming shaibya yet nothing seems to be done!

Asoko Sector Brief – Ethiopia Textile Manufacturing – Q3 2016

The inauguration last week of the Hawassa Industrial Park marks a key step for Ethiopia’s government, which is looking to boost investment into the country’s manufacturing sector....

Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as an Instrument of Regional Integration

Fetsum Berhane 07-27-16 - On the historic speech at the groundbreaking ceremony of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the late statesman Meles Zenawi has explained these two of the dam as follows.

Transforming CFA to Nile Cooperation
Fekadu Wubete 07-27-16 - Ministers in charge of Water Affairs from the ten Nile Basin Member States had on Thursday 14th July, 2016 gathered in Entebbe, Uganda at the 24th Annual Nile Council of Ministers (Nile-COM) meeting

We all have a stake in combating human trafficking
Mesle A. 07-27-16 - Migration in Africa has to be seen against the background of its political history and hence displacement, which may be conflict- or development induced or result from man-made or natural disasters.

General Tsadkan's description may be plausible, but his prescription is beyond the bounds of possibility
Dilwenberu Nega 26 July 2016 - Friendly but firm, a celebrated strategist, a tried and tested fighter of the liberation struggle and FDRE's first Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces, Retd. Lt. General Tsadkan Gebre Tinsay, is known by...

Is Ethiopia finally the next big thing in Africa travel?
In the late 1950s, Ethiopian Airlines launched an advertising campaign in the Western media that touted the ancient kingdom as Africa's "newest travel adventure."More than half a century later, the huge East African nation has...

General Comment on Current Realities In Regard to L/G Tsadkan Article
ZeSelase Gidey from Tigrai Public Relation Office 07-26-15 ...(Amharic)

Tesfai Hailu July 22, 2016
  • Ethiopia's First Lady Champions the Battle against Cancer
    Lulit Gebre 07-25-16
  • Is war with Eritrea justified?
    Dilwenberu Nega 22 July 2016
  • UNCTAD Warns On Debt, Says Africa Should Find New Ways to Finance Development
    Nairobi, Kenya, 21 July, 2016
  • Is there a conspiracy theory behind the curtain between Shabia and self appointee fragmented 'Ethiopian oppositions groups' sheltering in Asmara?
    W.Yilma July, 20/2016
  • Ethnic Background of Federal Police and Security Officials Killed in the recent Gondar Disturbance
    July 14/2016
  • Premier calls on stakeholders to make nation among the Best Tourist Destinations in the world
    Addis Ababa July 14/2016
  • A Well Started Job is Half Done
    Maryihun Tsegay, 07-18-16
  • Hawassa Industrial park points to an industrialization era
    Helen Mato 07-18-16
  • As predicted, VOA led campaign resulted in an unrest
    Fetsum Berhane 07-14-16
  • Perspectives on the Trilateral Agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Why colonial country based law firms cannot be used...
    Minga Negash, Seid Hassan, Mammo Muchie and Abu Girma Moges July 14, 2016

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