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We ought to Unite and checkmate the Unprovoked Assault on the people of Tigray
Mulubrhan Tsehaye 12-10-16 - It is still fresh in the minds of the people of Tigray who have been enduring an unimaginable assault, outrageous defamations, outlandish indictments, unwarranted terrorization and outright atrocities prescribed by the extremist diaspora elements ...

Economic Development and Democracy in Ethiopia: Performances and Challenges

By Teshome Adugna(PhD) 12-10-16

Mekelle Univ Collaboration with World expert on Planetary Science - Dec 2016
(Aigaforum) Dec 10, 2016 - Mekelle Univ will Collaborate with World experts on Planetary Science. Dr Muruts explains his Department involvement on the upcoming world expert on planetary science exploration trip to the Danakil Depression area. In preparation for a future Mars exploration trip...

Reverence of a Milestone

Ezana Sehay 12/10/2016 - As we speak, in Ethiopia, it is Tseday [spring]. It is a season celebrated not only for gathering of the harvest, but also for way of giving thanks for the blessing.

TDA North America Bay Area Branch Raised 35 thousands towards Quality Education Improvement Campaign
TDA Bay Area 12/10/16- Tigrai Development Association (TDA) which got started by Diaspora Tigreans in North America some 26 years ago is one more time carrying a campaign to improve quality in Tigrai high schools. The project centered fund raising campaign has asked the North American Chapters ...

Ethiopian Wins Best Employer Brand Awards
December 09, 2016: Addis Ababa Africa’s largest airline group, Ethiopian Airlines, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Africa Best Employer Brand and Business Leadership Excellence Awards...

Petition to remind Ms. Anna Gomez that Ethiopia is a sovereign state and its people the ultimate source of power:
T. M Dec 07,2016 - We, the undersigned Ethiopians from across the world and Friends of Ethiopia categorically denounce the disgraceful moves by Ms. Anna Gomes to tabling a resolution in the European Parliament against the Ethiopian government...
Please email your own petition to the email address provided inside the sample letter.You can use the cover letter to start your own local effort.
Sample letter:

Petition Letter:(htm) Petition Letter:(PDF) Petition Letter:(DOC)

መንግስት በዶ/ር መራራ ላይ ለምን አመረረ?
ፍስሀ ገመዳ ከአዲስ አበባ 12-09-16
Read also: Late PM Meles Letter

New Book:The Emerging Law of Forced Displacement in Africa
As of the end of 2015, there were 40.8 civilians who had been internally displaced by conflicts and effects of natural disasters in various parts of the world. I

New television channels in Ethiopia may threaten state control
The new channels are aimed at Ethiopians and have offices in Addis Ababa but get their broadcast licences from overseas. So far they have stuck to light entertainment, but a slew of news and current-affairs programmes are reportedly in the pipeline. More significantly still, in October the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA) announced that it was granting licences to three privately owned satellite channels, a first in the agency’s history....

ያንኪ ጎ ሆም
አሜን ተፈሪ 12-09-16

Ruth Negga Opens Up About Her Heritage and Breakthrough Role in ‘Loving
With her mesmerizing performance in Jeff Nichols’s subtly groundbreaking film Loving, the Irish-Ethiopian actress Ruth Negga has been the talk of the town, but she prefers just to be her.As the January cover of Vogue, Negga spoke to the magazine about how she grew up. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,
PR and Media Works: The Most Misguided Profession in Ethiopia
Zeray Hailemariam 12-08-16 - Practicing public relation activities in Ethiopia is a recent phenomenon. In the last regimes public relation profession was being underway in a traditional way. However, it is currently being used and well understood its benefits ...
"መዓረየ" ሓዱሽ ልሳን እዚ ዘበን!
ብኣቤል ጉዕሽ (ጋዜጠኛ) 12-08-16

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise travel advice on Ethiopia
Summary - with the exception of the woredas (districts) of Tsegede, Mirab Armacho and Tach Armacho in North Gonder, the FCO no longer advise against all but essential travel to the Amhara and Oromia regions
New Book: Tigrean Peasant movement

Yemane Gebremeskel Dec 2016
MU Delegation Visits Australian Institutions
A delegation of management and academic leadership from Mekelle University (MU) has visited world class universities in Australia from Nov. 21 -26, 2016 with the aim of creating a new chapter of international partnerships amongst Ethiopian and Australian institutions ...

Go! Go! Go! Ethiopian , You Are In The Right Direction!
Tsehaye Debalkew Washington D.C December 5,2016
PRESS RELEASE: A welcome revision of FCO travel advice on Ethiopia
5th December 2016, LONDON - Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) revised its website travel advisory on Ethiopia, as of December 2. The FCO no longer advises against “all but essential travel to the Amhara and Oromia regions”, with the exception of ...
What has the command post set out to do?
Bereket Gebru 12-05-16 - It has become too apparent for anyone to deny that the state of emergency declared a couple of months ago by the Ethiopian government has almost completely restored political stability in the country.
Hybrid Wars: The Horn Of Africa, the Scramble for Somalia; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Color Revolutions?
The second most populous state in Africa is unquestionably one of its emerging leaders and a pole of attraction for Great Power competition and investment. Right now, China is Ethiopia’s unrivaled partner and is assisting its rise to regional leadership in all capacities...
Ethiopia: Before it becomes a fait accompli
AbelXYZ Dec 03, 2016 - While poor Ethiopia is busy striving to extricate itself from the abject of poverty by using its meager resources to meet the very basic needs of its citizens, Egypt, once again, is plotting to keep the nation curbed in its old self.

(Melkamu Tekle-Ethiopian Sugar Corporation) 12-03-16
  • One of the Seven Wonders of the World Comes to Ethiopian Network
    December 02, 2016
  • Realizing Robust Manufacturing Sector
    Fekadu Wubete 12-2-16
  • The destabilization of Ethiopia from within has miserably failed-what is next for Egypt?
    By Ermias Hailu 12-2-16
  • EPRDF cuddles humans, not angels
    Tesfaye Lemma 12-1-16
  • 'Ambitious, but doable'
    Desta Hailu 12-1-16
  • Ethiopian to resume services to Conakry
    Ethiopian Airlines Dec 2016
  • Rejuvenating the election system
    Dawit Miteku 11-30-16
  • Ethiopian to Stretch its Wings to Oslo – Its fourteenth European Destination
    Ethiopian Airlines Nov 2016
  • Water Shortage in Mekelle City Reportage Nov 2016
    (Aigaforum) Nov 28, 2016 - Mekelle
  • Major agenda and opening ceremony of UNESCO’s convention
    Bereket Gebru 11-29-16
  • Ethiopian govt values concerns of protesters and is working to meet their demands – envoy

  • What to expect from this year's nations, nationalities and People's day
    Bereket Gebru 11-28-16
  • Isaias Afeworki and Lij Hagos and Rasi Hagos!
    Sameretay Nov 27, 2016
  • Deeply saddened and disappointed by the recent events.
    TirueKene Yimtta 11-26-16
  • PM Hailemariam Condolence Letter on the Death of Fidel Castro
    MoFA Nov 26, 2016
  • Business for Development” as a means to boost internal revenue

  • Ethiopian Delegation led by Amb Grum Abay Visted St. Petersburg

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