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ALEM GENA, Ethiopia—As she shuffles about the factory floor, watching over the machines that weave spools of thread into fabric, Asrat Yimam personifies the future of the Ethiopian workforce.
Embarrassing Discussion

Listening and watching to the garbage discussion in itself is irritating but when you know the Eritrean Ambassador's wife Senait Debesai is in jail in her own country which she fought for during the independence struggle, it is more irritating! Did you know also her brother is in jail? Yet Beyene Ree'som is worried about the Oromo's in Ethiopia more than Ambassador Dina who happens to be an Oromo! Sad! Hope Ambassador Dina never never appears again with this man in any forum!
Bringing the Eritrean People in from the Cold
On Saturday, Eritrean forces launched an attack on Ethiopian soldiers at the Tsorona Central Front. It comes as no surprise to Horn of Africa analysts—informed analysts, but more on that later. The Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea held a press conference just days before...
Eritrea working tirelessly on all sided provocation
Bereket Gebru 06-17-16
A Week in the Horn 17.06.2016
MoFA 06-17-16
UN chief urges restraint after Ethiopia-Eritrea border clash
NITED NATIONS – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is urging Ethiopia and Eritrea "to exercise maximum restraint" following clashes on their disputed border.
Analyzing the Two reports on the unrest in Oromia
Bereket Gebru 06-17-16
Ethio-Eritrea - Tserona Skirmish: The Battle that ended before it started
Aigaforum June 16, 2016 - The madman regime in Eritrea has been trying to derail Ethiopia's peace ever since the end of the last war. Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea was handed an agonizing defeat that is still causing him pain. The Tserona skirmish we heard about the last few days was not his first and probably not his last said a defense official we talked.

In unprecedented move Ethiopia is prepared to demand Isaias Afeworki to leave Eritrea.
(Aigaforum) 06-15-16 - With patience running thin the Ethiopian government is almost at a decision point to demand the removal of Isaias Afeworki from power. Sources familiar with the issue told Aigaforum the government has floated the idea to key western nations as a comprehensive plan for the horn of africa region
Go Ethiopia Go: Ethiopia's Smart War of Attrition
Addam Selemon Toronto, Ontario 06-16-16
The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: A Game-Changer for Nile Hydro-politics
Since my childhood, as any Ethiopian, I have followed the successes of a whole series of golden athletic winners, winning race after race around the world. One of my own favorites among a string of great runners

GERD to Reach 70 Percent when Turbines are Installed:
Fekadu Wubete 06-16-16

ጩሀቴን ቀሙኝ እንዲሉ…!!
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 06-16-16

The Ethiopian Diaspora Professionals and the Government Accord in Enhancing Investment, Democracy and Knowledge Exchange
Tezera Asegu 06-15-16 - The Ethiopian government is declaring its keenness the Diaspora professionals to partake resolutely in knowledge exchange. However, due to the political rhetoric going on and other restraints the engagement of the Diaspora in knowledge exchange is not...

'አላርፍ ያለች ጣት…'
ቶሎሳ ኡርጌሳ 06-15-16

Reconsidering Ethiopia's Investment Policies and Practices,
Asefa Belachew 06-15-16 - Ethiopia has made an earnest effort towards the development of the manufacturing sector since the mid-1960s. Several agro-industrial projects...

Minister Getachew Reda Press Briefing to Local Journalist on the Recent Clash Between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
(Aigaforum) June 14, 2016 - The minister said his government was forced to return in kind and the Eritrean government is fully responsible for the latest incident. Getachew said the ball is in the Eritrean government hand and the next step depends on what the regime in Eritrea does. The recent military operation was a response to all the provocations Ethiopia endured over the last few months. The minister also explained the recent news in regard to 'Hedase' Bond. Briefing

The Industry with Scores of Benefits
Sweet 06-15-16 -Sugar Industry is one of the industries which contribute immensely for the industrial transformation of our country
Border Clashes Between Ethiopia and Eritrea Heighten Fears of War
Just last week, a United Nations panel accused Eritrea’s leaders of committing crimes against humanity, including murder, rape and enslavement.According to Meron Estefanos, a journalist and activist from Eritrea living in Sweden who maintains a large network of contacts in Africa, anger at the government is steadily rising within Eritrea, and the shelling across the border may have been started by Eritrea as a distraction....

Eritrea blames Ethiopia for border clash
Eritrea has accused Ethiopia of launching an attack at the countries' heavily-militarised border.Ethiopia has not commented on the reported fighting in the Tsorona area, about half-way along the frontier... See Also:- Ethiopia's Government Comment on the Incident-(Amharic)
The one man mad regime is trying hard to avoid the forthcoming resolution by the world body on his government. Unlike him he is playing the victim card and he is soliciting help from Ethiopians, asking them to sign a petition! He never liked to be seen as victim before! We think it is fair to say Wedi Afom is really scared. As far as the reported clash, there is nothing new here! The only thing that is new here is Isaias Afeworki's cry! From what we know it was similar as before may be a little bit more this time...!In fact It doesn’t look good with the Eritrean army in the last two days...bad news to the government in Asmera. Not good at all.

The Horn Reflects Ethiopia's Image
Amen Teferi 06-14-16 The guiding principles of Ethiopia’s foreign and national security policy have wider implication for the horn of Africa region. Commonly Ethiopia’s foreign and national security policy Ethiopia is designed to serve its narrow national interest.

Ethiopian Human Right Commission Press Conference
(Aigaforum) June 12, 2016 - The commission presented its findings to the Ethiopian Parliament on the recent Oromo and Amhara unrest that regrettably have caused hundreds of death and destructions. All eyes are on Parliament now! The commission was asked why they did not explicitly include the Shinfa incident on Tigrean victims. Part1 Part2

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    8 June 2016
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    Aigaforum June 09, 2016 -
  • Libraries; A New Frontier for Ethiopia.
    Ibrahim Rashid 06-10-16
  • Eritrean leaders guilty of crimes against humanity: UN

  • Some Observation on the Establishment of Adwa Pan African University
    Aseffa Abreha 06-08-16
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    Amen Teferi 06-07-16
  • Dear Community/Religious Leaders, Ethiopians & Ethio-Canadian Citizens:

  • The next head of WHO could be an African and for a good reason
    Fetsum Berhane 06-06-16
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    Washington D.C. Metro br>
  • An Open Letter to the BBC
    Belay Bahta A cousin of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi May 31, 2016
  • Egypt gets worked-up over manufactured frenzy, Ethiopia still rejects 'historical share' claim

  • Fetsum Berhane 06-05-16
  • MSEs the Ethiopian way
    Bereket Gebru 06-03-16
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    Hagos Gebremariam 06-02-16
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    Mesle A. 05-31-16
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    Molla Mitiku Ayenew 05-31-16
  • Baseless Sabotage against Examination is Only Irresponsible, Never Legitimate
    Fetsum Berhane 05-30-16
  • Interview with Dr AddisAlem Balema Vice President of Tigrai, Ethiopia
    (Aigaforum) May 25, 2016

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