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Survival's Malicious Prosecution of Ethiopia Reached New Low

ወደሽ ከተደፋሽ…እንዳይሆን
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 03-23-16

Farmers on the frontline: Change and transformation in Ethiopia’s watersheds
Selilah stares out over a landscape she has inhabited for 70 years. In the valley below, deep gullies scar the slopes where rains have carried away the soil. Living with three of her four sons, she is struggling to make ends meet in this part of Sidama Zone, Ethiopia, where, she says, there used to be a forest more than 40 years ago.

ዒፃዊ ዘየትረፈት ገርገራ!
Ngea Zeru 03-22-16( from wurayna #20)

Sudan peace talks in Ethiopia produce roadmap agreement
Peace talks held in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa since last Friday between the government of Sudan and various armed rebel groups have produced a tentative roadmap agreement. The talks gathered armed movements from Darfur and from the two conflict-ridden areas of South Kordofan and the Blue Nile.

Tigrinya–English/Amharic Codeswitching
The bulk of research on codeswitching confines its scope to two languages. In this study, however, three lan­guages, Tigrinya, English and Amharic, are considered. While Tigrinya and Amharic – two Semitic languages spoken in Ethiopia...

Technical Team Supervises Seed Producer Cooperatives (SPC) Seed Storage Facilities
G/Haweria Berhane-ISSD Tigray 03-22-16

Effort for economic integration
Gemech Tussa 03-21-16 In its second Growth and Transformation Plan, Ethiopia gave priority to economic integration. Following the overthrow of the rogue military rule, Ethiopia has been struggling to alleviate poverty and ensure an integrated economic development

እስከ መቼ ይሆን ይኸ ወገንተኛ የሆነው አቀራረባችን የሚቀጥለው?
ሲሳይ መንግስቴ አዲሱ ከአዲስ አበባ ዩኒቨርሲቲ 03-21-16

Deputy PM Demeke Official Visit to Russia
The deputy premier presented a letter from PM Hailemariam to President Putin.He has also discussed with Russian officials on regional issues. He also met and discussed with Ethiopians in the Moscow area.

Stunning photos of Ethiopia's vanishing tribes
(CNN)Kenyan-raised, Sydney-based photographer Louisa Seton undertook an epic journey into Ethiopia's remote Upper Omo Valley to capture the traditions of the Surma people -- before they're lost.

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the release of Djiboutian prisoners in Eritrea
New York, 18 March 2016 - The Secretary-General has learned of the arrival in Djibouti today of the Foreign Minister of the State of Qatar, HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, ... The mad man regime in Eritrea is doing everything to extend or free from the short leash PM Meles govt left around his neck. The two critical issues the UN mentioned when it passed its sanction are now muted. The regime is back to square one! It is taunting Ethiopia by abducting Ethiopians and sponsoring civil strife in Ethiopia.It is sad Qatar not Ethiopia is becoming the political player in the horn region![Aigaforum March 2016]

Ethiopians shake off doping concerns to strike gold
Ethiopia, one of five countries under the watchful eye of the IAAF over concern for their drug-testing systems, dominated the long races to finish second at the world indoor championships that ended on Sunday.

A trip to Eritrea
Among African refugees in Europe, most come from one small nation, Eritrea. Why? France 24 were given rare access to the country and they went to find out. Reporter’s notebook, by Nicolas Germain.

Euphemism for Corruption in Ethiopia
Desta Haileselassie Hagos March, 2016 - Ethiopia, as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, has shown a tremendous growth since the ruling EPRDF government came to power and yet corruption in both the public and private sectors remains to be a very serious problem.

ሱር ቦቆስ ለውጢ!!
ብፀጋይ ሓድሽ መቐለ 03-19-16

Africa’s $700 Billion Problem Waiting to Happen
Back in 2002, Meles Zenawi, then prime minister of Ethiopia, drafted a foreign policy and national security white paper for his country. Before finalizing it, he confided to me a “nightmare scenario” ... [Wouldn't you like to know what PM Meles was thinking to do if and when the nightmare scenario becomes a reality! Now that the scenario is almost upon us what is Ethiopia doing to protect its interest in the region! This is the time statesmen come out and start preparing and educating the public. Meles is not with us any more,rest his soul! we cannot read his mind any more! Demand EPRDF Folks to explain and educate us all, it is your country that is being encircled!]

ቆርበት ብርሑሱ ዘይሕለፍ ኣገዳሲ ጉዳይ!
ገብረ ሥላሴ ኣርኣያ - ለካቲት 2008(detailed analysis on wolqayit tsegede politics(Tigrigna)

Unforgettable support from Relief Society of Tigray (REST)
G/hiwet Gebru PR REST

Renaissance Dam: Lots of Birds in One Stone
Fetsum Berhane 03-17-16 - That was Five years ago at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and those were the words of Meles Zenawi, the statesman who made the Ethiopian dream of a dam on the Nile a reality.

Saba Degefa 03-16-16
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    Marta Adera 03-16-16
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    GULED ALI KAHIN 03-14-16
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    Addis Ababa, March 12, 2016 (FBC)
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    Ahmed Deeq Hussein03-12-16
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    Selam Yiheyis (PhD), Canada 03-12-16
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    Bereket Gebru 03-11-16
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    Naizgi 03-10-16
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    W. Yilma 3/8/16
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    Dr Aseffa Abreha march 07, 2016 (Re posted)
  • Commemorating Mount Soloda and the Victory of Adwa
    Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa o3-07-16
  • Oromia and Addis City Officials Holding Critical Meeting to Review Recent Unrest

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