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Water Shortage in Mekelle City Reportage Nov 2016
(Aigaforum) Nov 28, 2016 - Mekelle City is one of the fastest growing city in Ethiopia.The city is the seat of the Tigray regional government and has tripled its population...As a follow up to earlier interview we had with Mekelle officials on the issue Tamrat Yemane was lucky enough to interview the current mayor Daniel Assefa and City officials... Reportage

Isaias Afeworki and Lij Hagos and Rasi Hagos!
Sameretay Nov 27, 2016 - Are you curios or were you ever curios to know who Isaias Afeworki is? If you were read this article and add to your knowledge base...we assure you, you have not heard this one!
Ethiopian Maritime -London Nov 2016
EMAA is conscious of the tremendous responsibilities that has been entrusted to the organization by the nation to meet the objectives and expectations of the country in providing to it one of its great national assets, a successful and respected maritime industry. It is the expectation that the maritime industry will be self-sufficient, capable of assisting in providing jobs and raising the overall standard of living of Ethiopian society.
Deeply saddened and disappointed by the recent events.
TirueKene Yimtta 11-26-16

PM Hailemariam Condolence Letter on the Death of Fidel Castro
MoFA Nov 26, 2016
Business for Development” as a means to boost internal revenue
Persuant to proclamation 621/2001 and guideline 07/2004, Charities and societies can establish business... Accordingly Tigrai Developmeant Association has established “ Hidmona tower” at Bole sub-City, Addis Ababa. Hidmona Tower was inaugurated on 19 Nov.2016 with wide media coverage and this has attracted different reactions particularly among participants of the social media...
Ethiopia's flag carrier adjudged Africa's best airline for fifth straight year
Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) has been adjudged the continent’s best airline for the fifth year in a row by the African Airlines Association (AFRAA).The ‘Airline of the Year Award’ was given during the AFRAA’s 48th Annual General Assembly...

One Athlete + One Terrorist + One Narcissist + One Foolish European = Hypocrisy
Feyisa Lilesa, Berhanu Nega, Merera Gudina, and Ana Gomes are a mixed bag of political and ethical hypocrisy. Each occupies a uniquely singular place in contemporary Ethiopian politics. Separately they are short bursts of noise on the internet. Together they are a headline that outlives...
Ethiopian Delegation led by Amb Grum Abay Visted St. Petersburg
The visit was organized by the newly appointed Honorary Consul and included a meeting with government officials as well as diaspora Ethiopians...
Ethiopians to renew vow for renaissance!
Gemechu Tussa 11-25-16 - Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples will celebrate their 11th Day in Harari Regional State. All preparations to celebrate it colorfully...

Of Reform & Prularity
Genenew Assefa Nov 2016 - It is only fitting that media is focusing on the preeminent national agenda — deep reform — set by the incumbent long before the Ireccha flare-ups that spread like prairie fire across the wider parts of Oromia. Much has been written in an effort to come to grips with...
Ambassador Teshome briefed COAFR representatives
On 23 November 2016, a discussion was convened at the EU Council in Brussels between representatives of the Embassy of Ethiopia and the Council Africa Working Party (COAFR), responsible for the management of EU external policy towards subSaharan Africa.

Eritrean refugees in Israel sent to Uganda and Rwanda
Kampala, Uganda - The sky was still an inky black when the flight from Cairo touched down at Entebbe Airport near Kampala, the capital of Uganda, one morning in mid-January, the fluorescent glow spilling from the small terminal providing the only source of light.
British pilot in Africa air rally is missing in Ethiopia
KAMPALA, Uganda – The organizers of a rally of vintage planes flying across Africa say a British pilot has gone missing while flying a 1943 Piper Cub plane.Vintage Air Rally said in a statement on Facebook that Maurice Kirk, 72, had not arrived at his expected destination in Gambella, Ethiopia, on Tuesday... Let us hope he is safe but it begs a question if the gentleman was flying close to sensitive area in Ethiopia?
Update: British pilot missing in Africa air show is reported safe

When the dust settles, investment reputation still shines
Bereket Gebru 11-23-16 - Despite the recent turmoil in some parts of the country, the Ethiopian economic outlook for the past months has reportedly been not bad. The Ethiopian Investment Commission recently announced...
US issues Europe travel alert after France foils ISIS-linked plot
(CNN)The US State Department issued a travel alert Monday urging US nationals to exercise caution at holiday festivals, events and outdoor markets in Europe in the coming weeks, a day after French security services thwarted an ISIS-linked plot.
Ethiopian Somali region, in defence of the multinational federalism
(Ahmed Deeq Hussein) 11-22-16 Ethiopian Somali region is either 1st or 2nd largest region, constitutes 1/3 of the country, and 3rd largest ethnic group with an estimated total population of 5 million.

S. Sudan SPLM-IO leader stopped in Ethiopia, returns to S. Africa
November 21, 2016 (JUBA) –The leader of South Sudanese armed opposition Riek Machar had been prevented from entering Ethiopia and was forced to return to South Africa, SPLM-IO officials told Sudan Tribune on Monday.

Comment: - It is good to know the deep renewal process underway will bring fundamental change. The media as well as many of the nascent institutions should be able to mature in a responsible and transparent manner.The government and the party must take public input seriously and those holding public office must be given enough time to perform their job. Unfortunately many may have been too quick to blame the current public officials for all the ills of EPRDF over the last 25 years! Changing people will not bring lasting solution building institutions will!!
Press Release of the Tigrayan Community in Manitoba, Canada
November, 2016

Saudi Crown Prince Holds Luncheon in Honor of Ethiopian PM
Riyadh – Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior held at King Saud Guest Palace on Sunday a lunch banquet in honor of the Prime Minister of Republic of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn and his accompanying delegation...

Have Your Say: TPLF Tehadeso Nov 2016!
The deep Tehadeso movement EPRDF has started some months back is in full swing. Besides rent seeking tendencies within the party, Narrow Nationalism and Chauvinism are the two most reasons the party has identified as the root causes for bad governance! Tamrat Yemane was able to talk....

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