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Ethiopia’s State of Emergency Will End but A Luta Continua
By the Strathink Editorial Team The Ethiopian Government has declared a “state of emergency” following a series of protests that have rocked the country to its core. Disenchantment with the government, high rates of unemployment, rising costs of living...

No Amount of Sweetener Can Mask America’s Poison Pill
Kahsay Gebretsadik 10-27-16 - Whether we like it or not, the United States of America along with some western countries in cahoots with Ethiopian extremists and narrow nationalists in their capitals ...

Ethiopia magazine halts publication over emergency rule curbs
An Ethiopian English-language magazine which has been critical of the government has ceased publishing its print edition saying restrictions imposed when emergency rule was declared early this month made it "impossible" to continue... [What exactly is forcing Addis Standard to stop its publication? What is it doing that is unique from the many other publication that are not affected by the decree? We think the government or people from command post should sit down with the owners and explain to them the decree does not muzzle free press!]

Do you know what Extremists from the Oromo Diaspora say about Ethiopia and Ethiopian-ism!!

Extremists from the Oromo Diaspora community talking about Ethiopia and its future. The people talking are key members of the Oromo diaspora community. We are dumbfounded how such forces are getting followers from the Oromo community let alone other Ethnic Ethiopians! If all Ethiopians fail to deny fertile ground to such forces Ethiopia's future will be grim!

ከመጋረጃው ጀርባ
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 10-27-16

2 Eritrean Pilots Defect to Ethiopia With Jets,
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Two Eritrean pilots have defected with their fighter jets to neighboring Ethiopia, an Eritrean opposition group confirmed Thursday, in a dramatic exit from one of the world's most closed-off states....

ሰላም እንደገና!
ሰለሞን ሽፈራው 10-27-16

So what exactly is going on in Ethiopia?
For over 20 years, the Ethiopian government has been trying to transform its economy, which was mostly based on agriculture into a more modern, industrialised one. They’re focusing particularly on investing in infrastructure and public projects - like building new roads, railways and dams...

Emergency Decree Update 10-26-16
Two weeks in to the emergency decree Ethiopians are slowly recovering from the initial shock they felt about the destruction the recent disturbance has caused. The recent disturbance has caused far too many damages and sources we talk from Addis told us many were really worried if the country will ever see the peace and tranquility they have enjoyed over the years.
According to our reliable source the decree is helping authorities to restore peace and order. Many of the culprits that were orchestrating the destruction are under arrest but few have yet to be apprehended and are in hiding! Our source told us things are going well beyond the expectation!!
Our source told us PM Hailemariam will announce his delayed new cabinet officials next week. The PM was expected to announce his new officials this week but it is likely to be postponed until next week. Word is unlike OPDO, the TPLF and ANDM, are still struggling to finish their internal process which is dragging the appointments and nominations of the officials by the Prime Minister.
Aigaforum 10-26-16

Ethiopia sprints ahead from 103rd to 66th largest economy in the world
According to a report in the Financial Times, in 2020, Ethiopia is set to be the 66th world largest economy, up from 103rd in 2005, overtaking countries...

Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway signals new era of Chinese aid in infrastructure construction
The project was financed through an interest-free loan of $500 million from China, at a time China's average per capita yearly income was only $100. In 2011, China cancelled half of the remaining debt.The Ethiopian government sees the railway as a "game changer" and a "road map" for the two countries to attain middle-income status

Sudan's irrigation minister in Cairo for Ethiopia's dam talks
Sudan's irrigation minister Moataz Mousa arrived in Cairo late on Tuesday for talks on the mega dam Ethiopia is building on the Nile River, Egypt's state news agency MENA said.

Egypt Can Not Accomplish Clandestine Missions through Mercenaries, Vandals
Fekadu Wubete 10-26-16

Joining hands for mutual development!
Tesfaye Lemma 10-26-16 - The Nile Basin Initiative has been implementing a number of projects that could benefit the people along the basin. These projects mainly aimed at addressing ...

Saudi stops trading with Egyptian pound
The Saudi exchange market has stopped dealing with the Egyptian pound due to its collapse on international markets, Al-Mesryoon reported yesterday.Head of trading at Osool ESB Securities Brokerage, Said Al-Fiqi, blamed the Egyptian Central Bank for adopting...

Perspectives on the relationship between the Diaspora Community and the Government of Ethiopia
Blelen Gebreselassie 10-25-16 - The relationship between the Ethiopian government (GOE) and the Ethiopian diaspora community (EDC) have gone through many ups and downs over the past twenty-five years.

Tourists are free to travel across Ethiopia: Attorney General
Addis Ababa, October 24, 2016 (FBC) – Foreign tourists are not expected to notify to anyone to travel and visit attractions sites in Ethiopia, said Attorney General Getachew Ambaye.

ከራስ በላይ ለህዝብ !!
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 10-25-16

Wurayna Interview with Abraha Desta (Tigirgna)
In depth interview with Abrha Desta, his current whereabouts and on current political developments
If you can not open the link above click Here

Human Rights Watch encourages opposition violence in Ethiopia
(MoFA) 10-21-16 - We noted last week that Felix Horne, Human Rights Watch’s Ethiopia researcher, has recently been making considerable efforts to push the European Union to use its role as Ethiopia’s main development cooperation partner to force Ethiopia to accept ...
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