Any person has a right to an opinion. My opinion is that the Ethiopian government has done a lot to improve the lives of my country men and women. It has transformed Ethiopia to become one of the most important countries in peace making in the east and central Africa. The government’s policy in investment and infrastructure building is unprecedented. The improvements in education, health and agriculture are incredible. It has started to lay the foundations of democracy in Ethiopia for the first time in its history. I can go on and on to mention the great things that have been accomplished by the current government of Ethiopia. When peacefully requested by its people to adjust and improve things, it comes back with necessary improvements after going through self-evaluation and self-criticism with feasible plan to correct the mistakes. There are issues raised by the Ethiopian people that the government has to fix. To do this, we don’t have to see the collapse of our country as the power mongers led by the enemies of Ethiopia are instigating in the hopes this will happen. We all know that our region Tigray is much better than the way it used to be during the Haile lassie and Derg regimes. We can’t even compare the improvements we see in the lives of our people. Just the fact that we are equally treated as our fellow Ethiopians is a great political achievement compared to the treatment we had during the previous governments. So many Tigrayans have sacrificed their lives for the Tigray that we see today and a better one to become tomorrow. But there are some people who are filled with hatred and jealousy against the people of Tigray who feel threatened by the treatment of Tigrayans as their equal. They won’t rest until they bring back the political systems who put the Tigrayans and other nations and nationalities dawn. I would like to call all members of the Ethiopian diaspora who are of Tigrayan origin whether you are a supporter or against the Ethiopian government to stand up and hold demonstration(s) against the hate genocidal messages being posted on social media. Members of other nations and nationalities of Ethiopia should also take part in such demonstrations as they are indirectly affected by this. It is worth to mention that the members of the Ethiopian Somali nationality have played a leading role so far. It is about time to learn from them. I expect UTNA (The Union of Tigreans in North America) and Tigray communities of towns and big cities such as Washington D.C., Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, Toronto…   to play a big role in organizing and leading such demonstrations.  I can’t believe that the Ethiopian embassies and consulate offices in different parts of North America are not organizing such rallies to oppose the extreme elements of the diaspora who are using all their resources to disintegrate our country, Ethiopia. We have witnessed an unfounded hatred towards our identity and our people (as it was exhibited in Gondar and its surroundings and Alberta). And the hatred still continues. It is a high time for us to react and show peaceful but strong opposition to those power mongers who are spreading genocidal messages on social media and otherwise.
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