Adhanom G/Mesqel 11-04-16

The promotion and appointment of new cabinet members by Prime Minister Haile-Mariam Dessalegn on Nov. 1, 2016, has been widely acclaimed by citizens across the country. People are of the opinion that rearrangement and organization of new cabinet of ministers is timely and ingenious mechanism to satisfy the demand of citizens regarding good governance. The reshuffle   is expected to help enhance the effort of the country to realize political, economic and social transformation.

EPRDF said it has carried out leadership appointments and structural changes at federal and regional levels based on performance review that has been conducted recently. The Front in its statement stated that the meeting conducted from October 24-26, 2016, by the Executive Committee of the Front had evaluated the ongoing in-depth reform campaign as successful.

After reviewing the performance reports of the in-depth reform campaign carried out by the four major organizations that make up the Front, the committee verified that the reform program is going on as per the stated direction.

The current reformation and restructure of new cabinet is part of its commitment to materialize pronounced overhaul in various sectors. It called up on citizens to spur this profound overhaul targeted to strengthen peace, development and good governance to the level of their request.

EPRDF stated that it will strengthen the current profound renovation activity capable to effect change in the overall setting of the country, be it political, economic or social transformation. So far strenuous efforts have been exerted and sizable changes   are being observed with time, slowly but surely.

It has been said that EPRDF and its member organizations have gone too far to meet the demand of the people for development, democracy and peace, which are the basic questions of the greater public. However, the demand is fathomless and more effort is needed to reach the desired level.

Citizens are expressing their support and happiness that the newly appointed ministers, most of whom are researchers and university scholars, are far better poised to realize good governance and help register amazing changes in the development endeavor of the country.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Getachew Ambaye on October 20, 2016 said that the enforcement of the state of emergency on various demarcated areas of the country has been successful to restore peace and stability of the country and secure the prevalence of peace of citizens. He said the attempt of pushy and anti-people elements, who were embroiled in putsch-like act,bent on snatching power of people under the banner of peace and reconciliation, had been foiled and the constitutional order has been strengthened more than ever.

According to him, instability and violence that was instigated by some destructive forces in some corners of the country hadnecessitated to declare state of emergency. Besides, some protests were accompanied by armed groups that made them difficult to control by the routine activity of security forces. The unrest had reached to the level of hindering cargo transportation to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and oil imports from Sudan. It might have exacerbated, had it not been foiled by enforcing state of emergency.

He said the riotous gangs, who spread around Addis Ababa suburbs and small towns adjoining it in the aftermath of Ireechaa stampede, had created big violence and mess on various development institutions including factories, floricultures and financialinstitutions. The criminal gangs had tried to incite same conflict in other big cities like Hawassa and, Adama.

Hence, it was a must to the country to decree the state of emergency and restore activities back to normalcy. The state of emergency has enabled to handle the situation peacefully and reinstate peace in the country. The measure has further confirmed that the country has established a system that enables to peacefully transfer power; through election and the consent of people (and it is absolutely impossible to wring the hands of the government and coerce it to surrender to ambitious rogues who are carving to take power through violence).

He confirmed that the enforcement of the state of emergency has managed to curb the death of civilians and devastation of hard-earned properties. According to him, peace and stability of the country is strengthening across the country and citizens can safely move to and from work. Thestate of emergency has reversed the belligerence and devastation of anti-people elements who were hell bent oncausing  blood bath and chaos.

Getachew reminisced that small armed groups were starting to open fire on the security forces and skirmishes were flaring on various localities of the country. And the enforcement of state of emergency has enabled to quell down all violent clashes that inflicted damage on the lives and properties of citizens. The enforcement of the state of emergency has come on the right time to help prevail peace and safeguard the sovereignty of the country.

According to him, the state of emergency will be enforceable for six months, particularly on the areas that had encountered serious damage and routes that are identified as potentially more prone to the malicious act of riotous gangs. The scope of the enforcement may be longer or shorter depending on the stability of the country and the declaration of the House of Peoples Representatives. The House may prolong or shorten it based on assessment of the condition of the country ( It has the mandate to prolong the limit of the state of the emergency by four months, if it believes that renewal is necessary as per the tangible circumstances).

He said theenforcement of the state of emergency is at its initial. Hence, citizens are expected to lend a hand to its successfulness and support the endeavor of the government being exerted to restore constitutional order and stability throughout the country.

Indeed, Article 93 of the Constitution has enshrined adecree of state of emergency when there is external invasion, natural disaster, an epidemic or breakdown of law and order which could endanger the constitutional order(and which cannot be controlled by the regular law enforcement agencies and personnel).

Prime Minister Haile-Mariam Dessalegne had said that the devastation caused by anti-people and anti-development elements had enraged the people of Ethiopia. The destruction had reduced many investment projects to ashes that used to support thousands of employees and their families.Even worse, he said, destructive forces had aggravated their wicked act to destabilize the peaceful lives of individuals and inflict damage on them. However, the government has been striving to reinstate peace, stabilize people and resolve the problem in a far-sighted manner.

The state of emergency has been declared in a bid to secure peace and constitutional order. The PM noted that nation cannot any more sit by and watch destruction and massacre unfolding in to potential catastrophe, with spillover effect to incur large scale destruction. The destruction beingunleashed by anti-people and anti-peaceelements has reached unprecedented level as far to destroy scores of vehicles, factories and investment projects that were employing and supporting thousands of citizens.

The gangs had mercilessly torched hard-earned factories and investment projects. Hence, it has become a must to declare state of emergency and give timely solution (and bring lasting peace, parallel to correcting and punishing wrong doers).He stressed that anti -people elements had tried to exploit the opportunity (Irreechaa) to instigate large-scale destruction, though their wicked act has been curbed by the concerted effort of peace-loving people and the government.

Similarly, Prime Minister Haile-Mariam Dessalegenhad issued an ultimatum and warned individuals time and again to refrain from their evil act of waging destruction through deconstructive social media activism; aimedtoaggravate questions of good governance to the level of violating the constitutional order.

Citizens haveright to make peaceful demonstration and exercise their rights in the manner permitted in the Constitution.However, unconstitutional act had been showcased duringIrreechaa celebration that caused death of innocent celebrantsdue to stampede.

Under the guise of questions of good governance, destructive elements had further gone to derogate the national flag, propagatesubversive messages and incite unrest between people that has been known for their peaceful-coexistence.

It has been witnessed that the greater public does not back mobsters and hell raisers nor it waffle irrational messages. It had been observed in some parts of Oromiya and Amhara States that anti-peace elements, beyond committing subversive acts, had come up with their guns, pistols, bombs and daggers with the aim of wrecking havoc, inducing mass killings and hijacking the agenda of peaceful quest for good governance.

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