Numerous international chronocilers had reported that Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has vehemently denied that his country did not give support to outlawed rebels in Ethiopia that are heinously striving to dismantle the constitutional order in the country and wreck havoc on the lives of civilians. El-Sissi in a televised speech on Thursday said that Egypt has never supported the opposition in Ethiopia and has no intention of doing so.

He says Egypt doesnot oppose the ongoing construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), a massive hydroelectric dam on the Blue NileRiver in Ethiopia, provided that his nation's "historic right" to the Nile River water is safeguarded (indeed the meaning of ‘’historic right’’ over unchartered Nile water is unclear and only found glued to the dictionary of Egypt) .

El-Sissi said the issue of Nile water distribution is ‘’ life or death matter" to Egypt, a mostly desert country of some 92 million, is almost entirely dependent on the Nile for agriculture and drinking water.

FDRE President, Dr.Mulatu Teshome in his inaugral speech of the parliament had on Monday 10, 20016 saidthere is ample evidence that Egypt has been providing training and financial assistance  to the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which Ethiopia outlaws as a terrorist group.

The terrorist group being backed by Egypt and other anti-Ethiopia Diaspora had tried to incite conflict and plunge the country in to incessant war. Indeed, the demonic and destructive forces had burned numerous factories and infrastructures that were the source of income and livelihood of thousands of families.

Irrespective of the objection of Nile basin countries to the colonial treaties of 1929 and 1959 that illegally and immorally favoured Egypt, Egypt still considers these Faustian agreements as legally binding and universally acceptable, may be untouchable and immutable until Kingdom comes.

Accordingly, subversive, flagrant andclandestine act of Egypt against the intransgressible rights of Ethiopia to utilize Nile has started since long.In line with this, Institute for Security Studies (ISS) on Nov, 2008 stated that the Egyptians have labored to prevent Ethiopia from using Nile, particularly for the purpose of irrigation. They believe that Egypt would be vulnerabile if Ethiopia started to use the waters of the Nile.The Eyptian scenario  for the Nile is a classic example of the politics of ‘’I win if you lose, the zero sum game’’.

Similarly, ibid/Debay: Nov. , 2008 stated that ‘’Egypt’s water security policy  is based on Nile water obsession.It attempts to block all venues  that can lead to fair and equitable distributions of the Nile water.In some cases, where a co-basin country formulates a plan to use the water in its own territory, the Egyptians have often reacted by making threats of war and conflict-laden statements.

A case in point, in the past Egypt had managed to block realization of the Fincha project in Ethiopia , which was to be finanaced  by the World Bank.In the same fashion, Egypt was reported to have prevented the African Devlopment Bank  loan to Ethiopia  for a project that Cairo feared would reduce down stream water supplies.

In addition, Prof.Kinfe Abrham in his millunium publicaticon of the ‘’Issue of Nile:the Question of Equitable Water Aportioning 2007’’ stated that Egypt has been irremediably fettered to holier-than-you attitude and ambitious expansion.It for granted counts Sub-Sahara neighboring countries predisposed to its influence, which is disadvanatageous when viewd from political, diplomatic and strategic point.Egypt is also interested to suppress  any thing that challenges  its hegemony and sphere of hydro-politics and prevent the realization of(and even imagination of) decreasing the volume of Nile water or rerouting its course.

ISS indicated that Egypt is interested to be taken as truimphant regarding the issue of Blue Nile.It considers to have dominant and domineering relation towards Nile riparian countries and the Horn of Africa.For instance, Kinfe said, according to Howell , PP , and J.A. Allen, Egypt will be at ease if Ethiopia is weak and divided, where as it will feel endangered if Ethiopia is prosperous, self-reliant and dominanat in the Horn.

In addition, Anwar Sadathad once said that any measure that poses crisis on Egypt’s Nile water utilization may face strong retaliation..Analysts stated that these kinds of publications emanate from biased self-perception of Egypt and it has blocked its rationals and the venue to make amiable diplomatic relation with neighboring countries.

Until to date, Egypt claims it has’’natural, acquired and historical rights’’ on the Nile and will be governed by hydro-political doctrines of ‘’prior use, primary need and established rights’’In fact, these rights are derivatives and extensions of law of ‘prior appropriations’.

Worth reckoning, despite the blizzard of lies of Egyptian politicians and media personnel regarding their attitude towards Ethiopia, the world knows how flagarantly Egypt had exposed itself while blathering anti-Ethiopia and conspiratory messages on live television. The world was appalled while watching in horror the defunct Egyptian PresidentMursi and his affiliate political parties sabotaging the construction of the GERD on live television program.One way or another, the parties had waffled about obstructing construction of the GERD(this  media gaffe  is  concrete evidence of Egypt’s tireless attempt to hinder the development endeavor of Ethiopia, though shameless politicians time and again swear in the name of God that that moment of Murs’s meadia gaffe did not indicate the true perception of Egyptian politicians to Ethiopia.

Mursi had irresponsibly said that ‘’Egypt will never surrender its histolrical right related to Nile water and all options are being considered.’’ Similarly, even todate, his affiliates, Egyptian politicians and intransingent reminants are shelling out millions of dollars to mercenaries, proxy war agents and spies employed to destabilize Ethiopia.

Prof.Kinfe Abrham stated that Egypt’s disregard, contempt and illegality over the benefit and interest of Ethiopia to Nile is as fathomless and exacerbated as printing maps that disfigure the natural course of Nile through Ethiopoia.For instance, Egypt Magazine Vol.  7/1996 had its publication as Nile only originates from Lake Victororia.Disregard, prevarication and denial of Egypt to the concern of Ethiopia over Nile is entrenched and traces down to time immemorial, may be to the ancient time of coining of titular identity of Egypt as’’the gift of the Nile’’.It is simple logic that if ‘’Egypt is the gift of the Nile as a reciver of water from up stream countries, mainly from Ethiopia, it must not strive to deny the rights of Ethiopia:the First Born of Nile and the Source of Close to 90 Percent of the Nile Water (Ethiopia is meaningfully the First Born of Nile if Egypt is meaninglessly dubbed as the gift of the Nile.)

In addition, according to law scholar Getachew Abera, there are no laws and agreements or colonial treaties that give absolute right to Egypt over the waters that are found in the territories of independent and soverign Ethiopia. However, countries can wisely utilize rivers in their respective territories with out causing significant impact on other riparian countries and giving due attention to environmentaprotection.

The 1929 and 1959 colonial water treaties that were organized by horse trading British colonizers  are time-clawed and age ravaged, even if they are regarded  by stubborn Egyptians as the crux of any negotiation, agreement and source of nefaroious water policy as well.They are further regarded as the foundation of Egypt’s water and foreign policy, which calls for uninterrupted flow of Nile water for  the sake of the satisfaction of only Egyptian people: no body cares if the peoples  of other Nile riparian countries die of hunger and starvation; peaceful co-existence and justifiable utilization of Nile  water is a matter that can not flash up  in the minds of Egyptian politicians, even once in a millennium

Egypt’s sabre rattling, rifle totting, propaganda machination and mercenary manipulation against Ethiopia had never worked (and will never work as has been witnessed since the commencement of Egypt’s lustto control the source of Blue). Colonial treaties had gone with the wind. New era has dawned in East Africa, particularlyin Ethiopia. Hence, the way that has been followed by greedy politicians is unfeasible (and the way forward should be negotiation and equitable use of water).

In the contrary, Ethiopia’s firm belief is to focus on building the trust of Egyptian people and other Nile riparian countries on the GERD, enhancing modus operandi of mutual benefit and resolving the impasse on Nile peacefully. So far, Ethiopia has been able to firmly express its stand about the GERD and its commitment to equitable use of water, mutual benefit and regional integrationon various diplomatic forums.

Ethiopia believes that the construction of the GERD will not halt for a minute as it is the poverty alleviation endeavor of the country.Activities used to boost the consensus of Egyptian people regardingthe GERD project and enable them understand the fact that the interest of Ethiopia is development and poverty alleviation based on justifiable use of Nile water will continue, inspite of the malicious means employed by Egyptian politicians and media against the GERD and development endeavor of Ethiopia.

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