List of Senators (docx)

NO on HR128/S.128.
Call you Representative to tell him/her your opposition to HR 128 by dialing (202-224-3121) .Choose Option #2 and enter your zip code to reach your local representative! You can also use the sample letter below to write to your Congress!
  • List of Cosponsors of HR128
  • List of selected Congressmen
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  • NO to HR128 Congress Sample Letter
  • NO to HR128 Congress Sample Letter(print)
    Sample Letter to Senators!
    This resolution, HR 128/S.128, is not helpful at all. It challenges the sovereignty of a country that has jealously guarded its independence for centuries. It undermines the mutual respect critical to the strategic partnership between the United States and Ethiopia on issues of counter-terrorism and.... More!
  • List of Senators (pdf)
  • List of Senators (docx)
  • Sample Letter (pdf)
  • Sample Letter (docx)
  • Print Letter (pdf)
  • Print Letter (docx)
  • Copy,modify and email,fax or mail the letter to your senators. You should send your NO on HR128 Letter to the Co-sponsors, Senate Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committee. Attached are the list of Senators from each Committee.
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