Congratulation to Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali .

Luel Gebremedhin(USA) April 2, 2018

I congratulate Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali who has been elected April 2, 2018, as 3 rd Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia since the Ethiopian people’s Revolution Democratic Front has come to power in 1983. It is my strong belief that the election of Dr. Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister of Ethiopia will enhance and address the fat issues that have been raised by the people. The road that brought Dr. Abiy Ahmed to secure his Premier was neither rough nor smooth. Thereafter, the E.P.R.D.F. Party deserves substantial credit for its unmistakable decision to grant Dr. Abiy Ahmed the Premier position.

People are demanding very basic, fundamental, and Universal rights such as fair and equitable wealth distribution, Government fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability, freedom of expression, rule of law, job, and unity.  These are straightforward. The real medicine to such issues depends on real political and economic reforms. Besides, constitutional reforms, Judiciary reforms, electoral system reforms, civic society reforms, and policy reforms are indispensable. The Ethiopian people are waiting to see these reforms from the new elected Prime Minister sooner or later.

The principles of the rule of law shall not be fragmented, distorted, and treated as needed. Rule and lawbreakers regardless of ranks and positions shall face Justice for their action in a transparent manner to synthesis peace, stability, and democracy in the Motherland.The Ethiopian people deserve to know how the Government they elect runs the interest of their will. The contract between the people and the Government stays valid to build trust among all people of the country.  Media agency professionals can do a lot to magnify and advance the direction of the Government if the nest holds them down take off. Media advancement plays crucial role Countries like Ethiopia who have over 100 million population.

The electoral system of the land does need fundamental reform to serve all stakeholders as neutral as possible for the sake of peace and stability and for the advancement of tangible and measurable democracy to prevail on the free land. A neutral and permanent electoral commission has to set inclusively and lawfully with an appropriate fiscal budget. The same is true when it comes to land and Judiciary reforms. The land is the only and solely asset most people have in Ethiopia. The people shall be fully granted the ownership certificate of their land. The Government shall take his hands off the land retail business unless otherwise a land is needed for specific Government purposes in a particular time and place. For instance, land for the nuclear facility, power productions, federal buildings. Land leasing creates uncontrollable problems in the long run.

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