We are passing through a stormy and turbulent times in Ethiopia. Why this is happening now is a million dollar question. Many friends and partners are equally disturbed and concerned. It goes without saying that government admitted its shortcomings and limitations in democratization, in good governance, in delivering justice and ensuring equality among citizens. Most of it is not deliberate policy action but sheer limitation of capacity to deliver. While this is the government version and the reality on the ground, those on the opposition side blame identity politics to the current crisis and embarked on hatred politics, which in my view is not a solution to the problem. Identity is not the making of EPRDF. EPRDF only recognized it and tried to manage it. It is the management of the diversity that is posing a challenge today. As identity politics requires a delicate balancing by fair and equal treatment of all groups and citizens, any actions and measures to the contrary need to be corrected. That process also needs careful and wise move so that we do not lose the balance. In my view, we should not focus much on the past but gear our energy towards the future. That is how a nation with a vision can shape its future. This however does not mean that those who acted against the law should be left alone. Let there be accountability and responsibility. We should not any more encourage impunity. Handling our past and correcting injustice requires magnanimity and wisdom. It requires mature political move and decision with sober mind and spirit and not with emotions sentiments. While the reform programs pronounced by the ruling party embrace and entail a comprehensive approach, the public should have some patience and also play its part in ensuring peace, tranquility and security. It is time we all exercise restraint and become our brothers and our sisters keepers. If we cannot tolerate, accommodate and celebrate each other, our long and proud civilization, history and culture will totally lose their values. Let one and all stand up for peace, unity and solidarity.
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